Adorable Baby Chinchilla Goes Viral After Calling Out His ‘Mean’ Mom

Captivating Baby Chinchilla Steals Hearts on “” After Playful Encounter with His ‘Strict’ Mom

Are chinchillas good pets

Did you know that chinchillas not only possess charm but also make wonderful companions? Personally, the thought of a chinchilla as a pet hadn’t crossed my mind, but it appears that they have quite the fan base on TikTok.

@Chinderella and Prince’s owner recently posted a heartwarming video on “” featuring baby Mickey venturing out of his enclosure for the first time, and the results are nothing short of adorable!

The video, shared on Monday, November 27th, quickly garnered attention for its undeniable cuteness. The footage kicks off with Mickey expressing that his mom declared her lack of affection and put him up for adoption, prompting him to embark on a seemingly eternal journey.

However, in the background, his mom clarifies, “That is not what I said; I merely mentioned no second dinner for you.” Undeterred, Mickey insists it’s essentially the same thing, painting his mom as the antagonist.

It seems Mickey was quite determined to secure that second dinner, throwing a tantrum reminiscent of a child’s protest. @Chinderella and Prince elaborate in the caption, emphasizing the exceptional climbing abilities of chinchillas, capable of leaping up to an impressive 6 feet.

Mickey’s successful escape from his cage suggests he’s ready to explore climbing and jumping, undoubtedly keeping his “mean” mom on her toes!

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The video swiftly went viral, amassing over 8 million views, 1.5 million likes, and nearly 5 thousand comments. @Emily expressed her astonishment with almost 50 thousand likes, exclaiming,

“I’VE NEVER SEEN A BABY CHINCHILLA OH MY GOD!!” @CrispNChill concurred, saying, “I didn’t know that I needed to see a baby chinchilla,” and @mj shared, “I have never seen a baby chinchilla before. My life is complete. I’m ready to go now.”

Mickey’s enchanting charm has certainly captured my attention. Explore more adorable chinchilla moments on “” I eagerly anticipate witnessing his growth and enjoying more of his endearing escapades!

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